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      How Is Marriage Done in Arya Samaj

      How Is Marriage Done in Arya Samaj

      Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. It is known for obsеrving simplistic rituals and traditions. The essence of an Arya Samaj Marriage lies in the Vedic principles and hymns that are spelled during the ceremony. These marriages are very similar to any other Hindu marriage with the presence of holy fire and a priest present to commemorate the ceremony. However, unlike the usual Hindu Weddings, the Arya Samaj wedding has simple marriage procedures and an elevated spiritual quotient with minimal show and bustle. The marital rituals are brief and devoid of any modernization. 

      People associated with Arya Samaj do not prefer to worship any idols. The mantras are repeated throughout the wedding ceremony and described in detail to the bride and groom in understandable dialects so that the pair can relate to their meanings and apply them to their married life. 

      Before you learn about how marriages are performed in Arya Samaj, learn about the values and beliefs of the community to get a deeper understanding.

      Values of Arya Samaj

      Arya Samaj is a monotheistic Hindu reform that promotes values and practices based on the belief in the infallible authority of the Vedas. Here are the values that are followed by people associated in Arya Samaj:

      • God (Parameshvar) is the foremost cause of true knowledge and all that is known through knowledge.
      • God is worthy of being worshipped. God is formless, existent, omniscient, unchangeable, eternal, unborn, endless, holy, and the maker of all. 
      • Vedas are the scripture of true knowledge that exists in the world. The first duty of all Aryas is to read the Vedas, recite them, teach them, and hear them being read. 
      • Only the Vedas are infallible authority and later texts have been corrupted. 
      • Aryas will oppose idol worship, animal sacrifice, and the worship of murtis (images). The only true form of Hinduism is the rationalistic and humanistic form.
      • There is no such practice of untouchability, child marriage, and basing caste on birth rather than merit in pure Hinduism. Aryas will only advocate for social reform and the education of women.
      • A true Arya will always be ready to accept the truth and has the potential to give up untruth. 
      • Aryas should do everything in accordance with the dictates of Dharma.
      • The primary objective for all Aryas is to do good and to look for the physical, spiritual, and social welfare of the whole world 
      • Aryas should spread knowledge (vidya) and eliminate ignorance (avidya). 
      • Aryas should not be satisfied with one’s well-being but rather seek it in the well-being of others. 
      • One should consider oneself to be constrained to obey the altruistic principles of the society, whereas everyone should be free in order to follow individual welfare rules. 

      Practices Involved In Arya Samaj Wedding 

      There are several things that families and couples must keep in mind before they perform their marriage as per Arya Samaj. Those points are represented as following: 

      • Families must arrive on time for the start of the prayer service, particularly the Yajmaan. 
      • Each participant in the wedding should turn off all cell phones and other electrical devices before entering the Mandir. 
      • Families or people with children should make sure that their children remain quiet throughout the prayer service. If their children are being loud or disruptive, it is the duty of the family to take them to another room. 
      • Each member should wear light or bright apparel. Also, they should avoid wearing dark or dull-coloured garments during the wedding. 
      • Families must ensure that the Prasaad and meals for the congregation are prepared according to the Saatvik ideas in mind. 
      • In the wedding, families must ensure that all animal-derived goods, excluding dairy items like milk, butter, cheese, ghee, and yoghurt, are deemed non-vegetarian and inappropriate for human consumption. Hence, the food must be prepared with equipment that has never been used to cook nonvegetarian food. 
      • Each family member should take a proper bath before the preparation of the food. 
      • Non-vegetarian food is not right for human consumption. Hence, the food during the Arya Samaj wedding must be prepared in the kitchen where no non-vegetarian food is present. Also, there should be no salt in the prasad. 

      Arya Samaj Marriage Process

      Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains can get married as per the Arya Samaj rituals. Their wedding ceremony will be conducted by chanting Vedic mantras and the exchange of garlands. Muslims, Christians, Parsis, and Jews need to convert themselves to Hinduism by performing Shuddhi. Once they attain the Shuddhi, they can get the conversion certificate which can be used to commence their wedding. Here are the rituals that are performed during the wedding ceremony :

      • Varmala & Swagat Vidhi
      • Madhuparka
      • Yagna & Kanyadaan
      • Havan & Godan
      • Pani Grahan Sanskar
      • Shilarohan
      • Lajahom
      • Phere or Parikrama
      • Kesh Mochan
      • Saptapadi & Hriday Sparsh Mantra
      • Sindoor & Mangalsutra
      • Surya Darshan
      • Ashirwad
      • Dhruv Darshan

      After the marriage is done, couples can pay the arya samaj marriage fees and receive the marriage certificate which is issued by the Arya Samaj Mandir. This certificate can act as proof of the commencement of marriage and can be later used to get a legal marriage certificate from the government authority.

      Documents Required for Arya Samaj Marriages

      You need to submit the following documents to get married according to Arya Samaj customs:

      1. Legal Proof of identity, age, along with address of both parties that can include an Aadhar card, passport, voter ID card, or 10th school certificate.
      2. 2 witnesses along with their identity proofs.
      3. Two passport-size photos of the couple. (bride and groom).
      4. Divorce Certificates, in case any of the spouses were divorced earlier.
      5. Death certificate in case any of the previous partner of the spouse were died in the past
      6. Conversion Certificate in case any of the spouses were converted after Shuddhi.

      Book Your Arya Samaj Marriage With Arya Samaj Mandir Pandit

      Couples who are looking for a reliable source to commence their marriage as per Arya Samaj rituals can contact Arya Samaj Mandir Pandit at +91-9998889673. We have been conducting Arya Samaj marriages across the country for years. 

      Elegant Arya Samaj Wedding Rituals You Need to Know

      Elegant Arya Samaj Wedding Rituals You Need to Know

      Indian weddings are unique and practised differently in every region of the country. Every Indian wedding is unique. Punjabi weddings have musical Jaggo and Dholki ceremonies. Assamese weddings have super elegant Mekhela Chador draped by the bride, Kannada weddings have fun Kashi Yatra and Rajput weddings have the royal Mahira Dastoor tradition. There are distinctly diverse flavours at Indian weddings. This is because of the rich Indian cultures that have their own traditions. However, there are weddings that celebrate simplicity and a high spiritual quotient. Well, we are talking about Arya Samaj Marriages.

      The Arya Samaj marriages are distinct compared to the other forms of weddings. The foundation of Arya Samaj marriage was laid by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. He believed that Hinduism was the ‘original’ religion and the conversions based on caste have caused a spread of other religions from Hinduism. And hence, he has demolished the caste system and dowry system for the Arya Samaj community.

      In this blog, we will guide you on the rituals involved in an Arya Samaj wedding, including both pre- and post-wedding ceremonies. Here is a thorough description of an Arya Samaj wedding to help you understand the lovely and serene wedding traditions, as well as how to obtain an Arya Samaj marriage certificate.

      Arya Samaj Mandir Marriage Process

      Arya Samaj marriages do not include any pre-wedding functions. However, millennials have started to celebrate pre-wedding ceremonies that are celebrated in Hindu weddings such as Sangeet, Haldi, and Mehndi. This truly adds to the enjoyment and delight of an already delightful event. Aside from that, there are just a few rites and Arya Samaj Mandir process that are held before the Arya Samaj wedding. However, it is not compulsory to follow these rituals and couples can celebrate them as per their choice.

      Pre-Wedding Rituals

      Brahman Bhoj

      In an Arya Samaj marriage, this ceremony occurs on the morning of the wedding and is a ceremonial occasion in which the Brahmins are devoured in both the bride’s and groom’s homes. This ritual is regarded particularly auspicious since it marks the start of the wedding celebrations.

      Chuda and Nath

      This is a regional practice that is most commonly observed among North Indian Arya Samaj wedding guests. The bride’s maternal uncle presents her with a set of twenty-one bangles (the wedding Chura) and a nose ring, also known as the bridal Nath. The number twenty-one is considered auspicious in the Hindu ritual.

      Wedding Rituals

      Arya Samaj weddings are conducted with a focus on ancient Vedic rituals and the worship of older deities like fire (Agni) and sun (Surya). These ceremonies are known for their simplicity and grace and usually take place at the Arya Samaj mandir and are conducted by a priest. Here are the key rituals in an Arya Samaj marriage:

      Varmala & Swagat Vidhi: The ceremony begins with the exchange of garlands that symbolises the public acceptance of the couple’s new relationship. The Swagat Vidhi marks the bride’s family welcoming the groom in the life of the bride and her family.

      Madhuparka: The bride offers a mixture of honey, curd, and cream to the groom which symbolises their love and devotion. They exchange this mixture as a gesture of affection.

      Yagna & Kanyadaan: The holy fire is worshipped and Vedic hymns are recited. The father of the bride then performs the ritual of Kanyadaan which symbolises the transfer of responsibility to the groom.

      Havan & Godan: Fire plays a significant role and serves as a witness to the marriage. The ceremony may include the offering of a cow or calf to the priests which symbolises charity and prosperity.

      Pani Grahan Sanskar: The couple holds hands and promises to love and care for each other throughout their lives. They take a parikrama around the holy fire together.

      Shilarohan: The bride’s mother places her foot on a stone which symbolises a solid relationship between the couple.

      Lajahom: Puffed rice is offered into the fire to bring unity and prosperity to the couple.

      Phere or Parikrama: The bride and groom take four rounds around the fire which symbolises their vows and promises to each other.

      Kesh Mochan: The groom unties the bride’s hair which symbolises her freedom and independence within the marriage.

      Saptapadi & Hriday Sparsh Mantra: The couple takes 7 steps together, followed by a circle around the fire. They then place their hands on each other’s hearts and pledge for love and loyalty.

      Sindoor & Mangalsutra: The groom applies sindoor on the bride’s forehead and ties a Mangalsutra around her neck. This ritual officially declares them married.

      Surya Darshan: The couple worships the sun together and seeks blessings for a long and prosperous life.

      Ashirwaad: After the ceremony, the couple seeks blessings from elders and family members and receives greetings for a life of happiness and prosperity.

      Dhruv Darshan: The couple views the pole star together which symbolises the constancy and loyalty of their bond.

      Arya Samaj Marriage Fees

      To be eligible for an Arya Samaj Wedding, both parties must be Hindu and adhere to all of the Arya Samaj Marriage specifications. Arya Samaj wedding prices are more affordable than traditional Hindu weddings. For example, for a couple from Delhi, the total Arya samaj marriage fee will be Rs. 5100/-, whereas for a couple in Jaipur, it will be Rs.10,000. To continue the Arya Samaj marriage formalities, you can either choose your own wedding venue or book a hall at Arya Samaj Mandir. For details regarding Arya samaj wedding, you can also contact Arya Samaj Mandir Pandit at +91-9998889673.

      Book Your Arya Samaj Wedding Here

      Both pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals are performed with love and joy by the couple and their families. Once they commence the wedding, they receive a marriage certificate from the Arya Samaj Temple which can be used for legal registration purposes. Later, the couple can register their marriage with the respective government authorities. The important thing to note is that the procedures and fees vary depending on the location and individual circumstances of the Arya Samaj wedding. It is advisable to consult with the Arya Samaj Mandir Pandit at +91-9998889673 for marriage bookings.